Exploring Social Change in Israel

Posted: July 2, 2011 by danielsaat in Uncategorized

After my first year in the joint degree NYU Stern and Wagner MBA/MPA program, I am living and working in Israel, where my family is from.   I am interested in how those who care about social progress and innovation here go about their work and how can I potentially make a contribution.  I am fortunate to spend my these three months working with an amazing group of colleagues at the Reut Institute in Tel Aviv.

Reut tries to strengthen Israel and the Jewish world through policy analysis, advocacy, and strategic consulting on some of the most critical issues we face.  They work on issues like national security, economic development, “Jewish peoplehood”, the Palestinian crisis, etc.  Then they try to get the government, foundations, nonprofits, businesses, and the media to partner together and move in the right direction.

The organization has been really welcoming, all the people are extremely smart, I am learning a lot.  Their calendar is filled with fascinating policy discussions and meetings with leaders from across the public, private, and social sectors that I’m expected to join in on.  My project work is focused on financial strategy and impact measurement, I’m helping them build tools and processes for taking it all to the next level, and sharing a lot of my experience on data and systems, organizational development, and best practices from the US social sector.  The most challenging part of my job has got to be working in Israeli/Hebrew Excel, the columns go from right to left!
People in Tel Aviv know how to live life, and I’m enjoying all that the sea, markets, arts, night life have to offer.  And there’s nothing like enjoying a meal once per week with my family!  More updates to come, until next time.

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